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There’s only one way to stop the robots taking over: stop hoarding your old cell phones and recycle them for cash. Seems like.

If you want to sell your old phone for the best price, follow our top tips to make as much money as possible.

Best mobile phone recycling companies

Giffgaff Recycle

If you sell your mobile phone to giffgaff, it will either be refurbished or recycled in the UK.

They have a very fast payment system and you will receive your money within five business days after verifying that the device conforms to its terms and conditions.

However, they also have a fairly fast cashback system (which may not be as good for you as a seller). If after reviewing your phone the bid amount is lowered and you are no longer happy with it, you have 48 hours to decline the price and request a free refund.


You can sell your old phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, Macs and game consoles on Mazuma. After you sell it, Mazuma sends it to one of its reuse partners for recycling or refurbishment.

If you sell an old phone to Mazuma, you will be paid on the day you receive your phone, provided your phone arrives before 2:00 PM Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

EE Recycle

EE Recycle offers pretty good prices for products that work completely without cosmetic damage. You can sell the phones in any condition, but you might not find them at the price you’re hoping for.

If they feel the situation is not as good as you say they will rearrange the amount offered. If you decline the new offer, you’ll get your phone back for free.


On Envirofone’s website, you can sell your old phone or buy new and refurbished mobile phones.

A big advantage of selling your phone to them is that, in addition to their offer, you get an extra 12% bonus that you can redeem for a new phone in their store.

Envirophone also accepts damaged phones. If your phone is looking a little worn, you may want to consider selling it.


Selling your phone to musicMagpie is a quick process and offers some competitive prices. So if you need urgent cash, selling your phone might be a good option.

Once you find your phone model on the website, you can select Good, Bad or Fail for the device status and get an instant quote.

If you are satisfied with the offer, you can send your phone to us for free. If the condition matches your description, you will receive the payment on the day the mobile phone arrives.

However, if musicMagpie does not accept this requirement and lowers the bid price, you have 21 days to accept the new amount. If you decline the offer, you can return the phone for free.

O2 Recycle

Like Envirophone, O2 Recycle gives you a bonus if you make a purchase from them while recycling your old phone.

If you sell your old phone to O2, you will be paid within three to five business days. They also accept faulty devices, so this can be a good option if your phone has seen better days.

Amazon Trade-In Store

Looking for ways to make money on Amazon? With swap programs, you can get Amazon gift cards for your old devices, including your smartphone.

This is completely free. Just answer a few questions about your phone and you’ll get an offer. Then send the item to Amazon and they will check the status within 10 business days. After that, the value of the device will be credited to your account in the form of Amazon vouchers. Simply.


At SellMyMobile you can compare as many cell phone recycling sites as possible in one place. Here you can get a general idea of the prices and value of your mobile phone model. Also, be sure to check any cell phone recycling site for the price.

The best thing about the comparison site is that if you find an opportunity to sell your phone cheaper elsewhere within 24 hours of placing your order, they will refund you the difference.

How phone recycling works

Would you like to recycle your old cell phone for money? There are dozens of phone recycling services waiting to offer you cash in exchange for old devices. Also, it’s very easy to do.

A comparison of the prices given makes sense as they all work in a similar way.

Most companies will send you a prepaid package to ship your phone. The device will then be inspected to ensure it conforms to the details and conditions you provided online.

If available, you should get the advertised price. However, if the recycling company isn’t happy with the phone’s condition, they will likely take some money from your payment.

Depending on the situation, your phone will either be resold, exported abroad, or disassembled for recycling.

What’s my mobile phone worth?

To get the maximum profit from recycling an old mobile phone, you need to sell a phone that is still in good condition and is a relatively new model.

For example, if you want to recycle an (for whatever reason) unlocked, recently good condition Apple iPhone (128GB), musicMagpie offers £561. But even with the phone still in full working order, the offer drops to just £336.60 due to “excessive wear and tear like scuffs”.

Unfortunately, most phones don’t generate nearly as much energy as an iPhone 14 when recycled. For comparison, an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) in good condition with no water damage was quoted by musicMagpie at £300*.

But keep in mind that even if your phone is a bit damaged and outdated, it’s worth checking out how much you can get. It’s worth selling for a few bucks if it’s going to gather dust on your shelf otherwise. Plus, it’s much better for the environment if it doesn’t go to waste.

  1. Always compare companies before throwing away your phone – prices can vary wildly.
  2. You will get a lower price if your phone is not connected to a network. It might be worth unlocking your phone first (usually free).
  3. Clean your phone with a soft, dry cloth. It’s not worth spending money on repairing dents and scratches.
  4. Some phone recycling companies may offer a higher price if you pay with gift cards instead of cash.
  5. The price shown is not always the price you will receive, as it depends on the situation. If you are not happy with the final price, claim it or reclaim your phone.
  6. Do you have a damaged phone? By selling as spare parts to private buyers, you can undercut the stated prices.
  7. If you want a new phone, some networks offer trade-ins for your old phone. Check if the exchange value exceeds the money you can get for the sale.
  8. Before selling your phone, remove your SIM card, copy and erase your data, and factory reset it.
  9. If your best bid is ridiculously low, you don’t have to sell. Keep your old phone as a spare for travel or recycle it through a local charity.
  10. Remember to cancel any cell phone insurance if you sell the cell phone.
  11. Keep the original packaging and original accessories for new devices. You can add value!

Selling your phone to private buyers

It’s usually quick and easy to send your phone to a recycling company or point of sale. However, if you have the patience to maximize the money, the best thing you can do is find a buyer yourself (especially if it’s a reasonably priced smartphone).

The above companies make a profit by reselling devices. On iPhone and Samsung mobile phones, this can be up to three times higher. Sell directly using one of the following methods to keep the money in your pocket.

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