12 Easiest Image Resizing Tools Online For Free

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Photos of your business are crucial to gaining customers’ trust and generating more sales. In one study, 91% of consumers said they prefer visual content to static, text-based information. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re using the right size, beautiful, high-quality photos for your website and social media platforms.

Enter the image size adjustments. These tools allow you to resize your photos without changing their appearance. A properly scaled image can improve the customer experience while optimizing your images for specific uses.

In this article, we introduce 12 free online tools to help you resize images easily. These programs can optimize photos for social media posts, blog posts, websites, presentations, and more. With the right image size, you can increase engagement and make your online content stand out.

12 free image resizer tools

1. Free Image Resizer by Shopify

1. Free Image Resizer by Shopify

Shopify’s Image Sizer is online software that converts digital images to fit a variety of uses. With this tool, you can easily optimize your images for full-width screens and make your online store look professional and elegant.

The image resizer is ideal for optimizing full-width images, as well as product photos, blog images, and social media graphics. Simply drag and drop up to six images into the tool or upload them from your computer. The car does the rest.

With its user-friendly interface and efficient resizing algorithms, Shopify’s image resizing feature ensures that your images are properly optimized and ready for use in your ecommerce store.

2. BeFunky

 BeFunky free image resizer tool

BeFunky is a great free image resizing tool that offers lots of options. You can resize photos by width or height or percentage scaling. For example, if you know you want your photo to be 500px wide, enter it in the “Width” field and BeFunky will automatically select the height so that the image is not distorted.

If you want to choose the width and height yourself, simply uncheck the Lock aspect ratio box. Be careful as the ratio changes, as it may reduce the photo quality.

You can choose basic photo resizing and editing operations for free. If you want more options, you can upgrade to BeFunky Premium for a fee. This gives you access to features like photo filters and effects, retouches, frames, text and more.


Brime free best image resizer tool

BIRME stands for Facilitating Batch Image Resizing. This online image adjuster can help you enhance multiple photos at once instead of creating them one by one. You can also add a frame to any photo. Just choose how many pixels you want thick.

One of BIRME’s best features is that it lets you preview photos before they’re finished, so you know how they’ll look. This makes the editing process faster and easier.

4. Promo.com’s Free Image Resizer

Promo Free best image resizer tool

This image resizing tool allows you to give your digital images the perfect size. The tool created by Promo allows you to add your photos by dragging them into the interface or uploading them from your computer. Next, select the weight, height, and scale you want to resize the images to.

The tool is very easy to use. There are no complicated settings and you can quickly scale images to different sizes. You also have the option to lock the aspect ratio – just click the checkbox below the size fields; The resizer will remember your settings.

5. Instasize

This simple image resizing tool is great if you find photo editing tools confusing or difficult to use. There are only three steps to follow: upload an image, wait for the AI to resize the image and download it for your favorite media.

Instasize chooses image sizes based on where you plan to use the image. You can optimize the image for Shopify, Etsy, Instagram, TikTok, SoundCloud and various other channels.

6. Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool is the ultimate tool for all your social media visual needs. After you upload your photo, there is a drop-down menu where you can choose what you want the photo to be used for.

It also Includes

  • Facebook cover photos
  • Cover and profile photos for LinkedIn, Twitter and Google
  • Pinterest and Instagram thumbnails and lightbox images
  • YouTube channel art and custom video thumbnails
  • And more

Simply select the option you want, and the tool will allow you to crop and resize your image until it fits your chosen dimensions.

Note: The maximum file size is 2 MB. If your original photo is larger, first reduce it to under 2MB using another resizing or image compression tool, and then use Social Image Resizer to resize it to the right size for social media. Read on for more information on compressor tools.

7. Simple Image Resizer

The developers of this tool were not lying when they called it Simple Image Resizer. To use it, select an image, choose whether you want to resize by dimensions (pixels) or by percentage, select the number of pixels or percentage, then click Resize.

Be sure to enter only one dimension to avoid a skewed or strange-looking result. This tells the car to keep the proportions similar.

You can only reduce a photo, not enlarge it. However, it is important to note that enlarging an image will result in lower quality. So you should still try to avoid it.

Note: You can also use this tool to resize images in different formats. For example, you can use this tool to convert JPG images to PNG files.

8. Photo Resizer

This tool is specially designed to prepare images for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can rotate or flip an image and draw freely or draw circles or rectangles on the photo.

These features can come in handy when you want to draw a visitor’s attention to a particular part of a photo. You can also add text such as a caption or a title.

The Sharpen option in the Tools drop-down menu can help clear a blurry image and improve image quality.

8. I Love IMG

Another tool for resizing multiple images, I Love IMG makes the process easy. Upload all your images at once, then choose to resize in pixels or percentage.

The By Pixels option offers a helpful feature, which is a checkbox that says “Enlarge if smaller”. For example, let’s say you want all photos to be 800 pixels wide. If some of your photos are 700 pixels wide, this will not enlarge them. This keeps them from getting blurry and pixelated, giving you high-quality images that you can use on your website.

9. ResizePixel

This is another simple and straightforward tool that you can also use to resize images. Choose the width and height in pixels, then choose whether to compress the final image without losing quality, or resize the image in kilobytes or megabytes. You can also convert the files to JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, TIFF or BMP or leave them as is.

Note that the automatic compression mode reduces the image size with no visible loss of quality. If you need more control over the file size, you can reduce the image to kilobytes or megabytes.

10. Bulk Resize Photos

Batch resizing is easy and user-friendly. The menu is on the left side of the screen and will change based on your screen selection. Options include scaling by percentage, longest side, width, height, and full size.

Longest side means you can choose a specific number of pixels for the longest side of each photo. Suppose you select 800 pixels. Horizontal/horizontal photos have a new width of 800 pixels. Vertical/vertical photos have a height of 800 pixels.

11. Resize Images for Facebook

Resize Images for Facebook is a simple online tool to resize and share photos on Facebook. By default, the social media platform will display your image in a small size and sometimes resize the photo itself to the required dimensions. However, leaving the task to Facebook often results in images that don’t look good. By resizing your images with this tool before uploading, you’ll know exactly how they’re going to look.

Resize Pictures for Facebook also allows you to upload new pictures directly to your profile. It’s easy: select your image, click the resize button, get your Facebook mobile upload email address, and write a caption for your image. The tool supports images up to 6 MB; that is, you can also upload pictures from your digital camera.

12. VistaCreate’s Image Resizer

Known for its graphic design software, VistaCreate also offers free image resizing. You can use it to resize a JPEG, PNG, or JPG photo. The tool provides resizing for various blog drawings and social networks; Simply select your preferred output from the preset menu. Alternatively, you can manually enter the dimensions of your final image in inches, centimeters, or pixels.

The tool also makes it easy to resize images. Simply load an image into VistaCreate, paste it into the blank page and select Resize in the top right corner of the tool interface. VistaCreate is easy to navigate, especially for Canva users, as it gives the graphic design tool a familiar feel.

How to Resize images online without sacrificing quality?

If you use free image resizing tools, you may notice that the image quality degrades, e.g. B. blurry, pixelated or distorted. It is important to ensure that the tool used does not affect the image quality. This can affect the performance of your shop.

Most of the free tools you find online make a point of quality. This can be seen in some of the tools we’ve reviewed that ask what quality you want your final image to be.

For example, the free image resizer BIRME has a “Quality Setting” option that allows you to render images at 100% original resolution. We recommend using this option for smaller files.

You can also find online image compression tools that you can use to resize images. For example, the free image resizing tools mentioned above, I Love IMG and Simple Image Resizer, have the ability to compress an image.

Optimizilla and Compressor are two other great online image compression tools. Optimizilla lets you compress multiple images, while Compressor compresses one image at a time.

Using the best image Resizer Tools 

While it’s easy to overlook, one of the most important aspects of building your online presence is making sure the image is the right size and quality. High-quality photos leave a positive impression about your company. In some cases, photos can tell the difference between a new customer and someone who just left your site.

There are dozens of tools for resizing images online for free. Even if you have no experience, you can find a quick and easy image resizing tool that can get the job done in a few clicks. If you have a higher skill set, you can use a tool that offers more custom options or learn how to resize an image in Photoshop.

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